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Young Girl in a Kimono Carrying a Baby on Her Back
Young girl picking Marsh marigolds
Young girl standing next to an Elm in the distance at Long Meadow
Young girls with a doll and buggy parade, St. Paul, Minnesota
Young girls with a nun
Young girls with doll
Young Girl with McCarthy
Young Grass Finches
Young Grebes, in house
Young green cones
Young Hawk, one Marsh Harrier
Young Hawks, four large Marsh Harriers
Young Hawks, four Marsh Harrier
Young Hawks, four Marsh Harrier
Young Hawks, Marsh Harrier
Young Hawks, Marsh Harrier
Young Hawks, Marsh Harrier
Young Hawks, Marsh Harrier
Young Hawks, Marsh Harrier
Young Hawks, small, Marsh Harrier
Young Hawks, two Marsh Harrier
Young Hmong woman
Young Jackpine
Young Jackpine
Young, James
Young, Jeremiah Simeon
Young, Jeremiah Simeon
Young, Jess
Young Judea Auxiliary, St. Paul, Minnesota
Young Judea Trailblazers basketball team, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Young Juncos alone
Young Killdeer
Young Loggerhead Shrikes
Young man and two horses
Young man in foreground of an audience applauding.
Young Man in Tribal Necklace Seated at Table
Young man peeling potatoes at the Hachsharah farm, Anoka, Minnesota
Young Man with Birds
Young man with trophy
Young McCarthy Supporter
Young members of the first class at Torah Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Young members of the Ukrainian folk ballet
Young men demonstrate sword fighting at the YMCA, Chile
Young men hanging out in front of a deli in the North Side neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota
Young men of Britain!! : the Germans said you were not in earnest : ... "the young Britons prefer to exercise... on
Young men participating in a Youth and Government activity
Young men's basketball team at the Jewish Educational Center in St. Paul, Minnesota
Young Men's Christian Association Building, Holyoke, Mass.
Young Men's Christian Association, Chinese Branch, 855 Sacramento Street, San Fransisco, California. The quarter million dollar building provided with all the modern association facilities
Young Men's Christian Association, Durid Hill Avenue Branch, Baltimore, Maryland