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Eugene McCarthy, Retired Senator, on Ethics and Government, 2003
Erik Olin Wright, Professor of Sociology, on Social Utopia, December 2007
Erika Kate MacDonald, Playwright & Actor, on Her One-Woman Shows, Jul. 2013
Erika Holmquist-Wall and Donald Myers, Curators, on Swedish Art, November 2012
Erika Donald and Xenia Pestova, Musicians, on the Digital Orchestra Project, February 2009
Eric Van Duzer, Professor of Education, on the Architecture of Magic, November 2008
Eric Dursteler, Professor of History, on Early Modern Identity, March 2011
Eric Black, Journalist, on Journalistic Norms, March 2008
Eric Avila, Professor of Urban Planning, on Cities, April 2009
Emma Maris, Writer, Apr. 2015