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Michaela Fassl and Markus Uitz, Farmers, Oct. 2014
Michaela Fröhlich, Agriculture Teacher, Sep. 2014
Michael Cherlin, Professor of Music Theory, on Creativity and Collaboration, March 2007
Michael Dennis Browne, Professor of English, on Poetry, November 2009
Michael Fortun, Professor of Science and Technology Studies, on his Ethnographies, April 2009
Michael Gaudio, Professor of Art History, on Early Modern Images, April 2008
Michael Gogins, Composer, on his Music, February 2013
Michael Hartl, Gardener and Programmer, Oct. 2014
Michael Linick, Researcher at RAND Corp., Mar. 2015
Michael Osterholm, Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, March 2011