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Jane Kirtley, Professor of Media Ethics and Law, on Freedom of the Press, April 2010
John Bohannon, Science Writer, on Dancing Your Ph. D., April 2010
Cindy Patton, Professor of Sociology, on AIDS Treatment, April 2010
Juhani Pallasmaa, Architect, on the Role of Architecture, April 2010
Leigh Fondakowski, Playwright, on The Laramie Project, April 2010
Tom Conley, Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, on Cinema, April 2010
Mark Zmudy, Professor of Health, on Adventure Education, April 2010
Randall Curren, Professor of Philosophy, on Sustainability, March 2010
Ray Gonzalez, Professor of English, on Teaching Poetry, March 2010
Paula Findlen, Professor of History, on Leonardo Da Vinci, March 2010