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Jeff Halper, Anthropologist, on the Israel-Palestine conflict, March 2007
Jeffrey Broadbent, Professor of Sociology, on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, March 2011
Jeffrey Pilcher, Professor of History, on Mexican Food, August 2011
Jennifer Brier, Professor of Gender Studies, on LGBT History, April 2013
Jennifer Linde and Daniel Brouwer, Communications Scholars, Aug. 2015
Jennifer Streb, Art Historian and Curator, Mar. 2014
Jeremy Iggers, Journalist, on Ethics, Jan. 2014
Jerry Blue, Librarian and Storyteller, Aug. 2014
Jessica Shaykett, Crafts Librarian, Aug. 2015
Jigna Desai, Prof. of Gender, Women, & Sexuality, Aug. 2015
Jill Van Der Wal, Farmer, on Cattle Rearing, July 2012
Jim Lutz, Professor of Architecture, on Architecture in Haiti
Jodie Ahern, Artist, on the Women's Art Institute, Jul. 2013
Joe Amato, Author and Teacher, on Education and History, Feb. 2014
Joe Domeier, Farm Manager, on his Community Farm, September 2012
Joe Gergen, Author, on His Work, July 2014
Joel Chadabe, Composer, on Interactive Systems, February 2013
Joel Ryan, Composer, on his Music, February 2009
Joe Paddock, Poet and Environmentalist, May 2014
Johanna Kandl, Painter, Aug. 2014
John Akre, Animator and Teacher, Sep. 2015
John Anfinson, Historian, on the Mississippi River, May 2011
John Bohannon, Science Writer, on Dancing Your Ph. D., April 2010
John Cayley, Poet, on Electronic Literature, February 2009
John Davis, Educational Administrator, and Shanti Pothapragada, Student, on Civic Service, February 2008
John Davis, Educational Administrator, on Education, May 2007
John Harwood, Professor of Architectural History, on Corporate Architecture, November 2009
John Jodzio, Author, Sep. 2015
John Reimringer and Katrina Vandenberg, Novelist and Poet, on Writing and Parenthood, July 2013
John Reimringer and Katrina Vandenberg, Novelist and Poet, on Writing and Parenthood, June 2012
John Reimringer, Novelist, and Katrina Vandenberg, Poet, Aug. 2015
John Reimringer, Novelist, and Katrina Vandenberg, Poet, May 2011
John Treat, Professor of East Asian Studies, on Nuclear Warfare, December 2007
John Watkins, Professor of English, on Early Modern English Literature, October 2009
Jonathan Hall, Professor of Classics, on Ethnic Identity, April 2011
Jonathon Wells, Artist and Geologist, June 2015
Jose Herrera and Krystal Spinler, Restaurant Owners, on their Businesses, December 2012
Joseph and Michael Sanchelli, on Swede Hollow, Oct. 1995
Josephine Lee, Professor of English, on Theater, October 2009
Joshua Page, Professor of Sociology, on Prison Workers, October 2010
Joyce Lyon and Howard Oransky, Curators, on Feminist Art, February 2013
Joyce Lyon, Howard Oransky, and Christina Michelon, Curators, on the Women's Art Movement, February 2013
Joyce Lyon, Professor of Art, on the Experience of Art, December 2012
Jürgen Csencsits, Gourmet Chef, Oct, 2014
Jürgen Kocka, Fellow at re:work Center, Oct. 2014
Juanita Garciagodoy, Teacher, on the Day of the Dead
Judith Jack Halberstam, Professor of English, on her Writings, June 2010
Judy Harder, Organic Farmer, on her Business, August 2012
Judy Klein, Composer, on her Music, February 2013
Juhani Pallasmaa, Architect, on the Role of Architecture, April 2010
Julian Vasquez Heilig, Education Policy Researcher, Sep. 2015
Julia Tischler, Research Associate at re:work Center, Oct. 2014
Julia Wolf, Vegetable Farmer, Oct. 2014
Julie Landsman, Teacher and Author, Mar. 2014
Julie Schumacher, Professor of English, on her Writing, November 2009
Juliet Schor, Professor of Sociology, on Conventional Economics, October 2010
Juliette Cherbuliez, Professor of French, on the Medea Myth, March 2009
Justine DiFiore, Artist, on the Women's Art Institute, Jul. 2013
Justin Smith and Kathleen Batalden Smith, Organic Farmers, on their Business
Kairn Klieman, Professor of History, on Pre-colonial Africa, November 2007
Kao Kalia Yang, Author, on Hmong Identity and Writing, March 2008
Karen Campbell, Educator, on Humans vs. Nature, April 2011
Karen Coelho, Professor of Development Studies, on Urban Planning, October 2011
Karin Velez, Historian, Mar. 2015
Karlheinz Essl, Composer, Aug. 2014
Karl Pfeifer, Director of the Vienna Center for the Documentation of the Austrian Resistance, Sep. 2014
Karl Rogers, Professor of Philosophy, on Democracy, November 2011
Karl Stöcher, Baker, Sep. 2014
Karl Trummer, Juice Processor, Oct. 2014
Karl Viehböck, Honey Producer, Oct. 2014
Kate Brauman, Water Scientist, July 2015
Kate Elise, Director, on the Fringe Festival, August 2010
Kate Roberts, Volunteer Coordinator, on her Work, July 2012
Katharina Hagenhofer, Organic Agriculture Student, Aug. 2014
Kat Hayes, Anthropologist, Feb. 2015
Kathleen Ryor, Professor of Art History, on Ming Dynasty Art, November 2012
Kathryn Jensen, Sign Language Interpreter, on BLAST, April 2013
Kathy Jensen, Actor and Writer, on Acting, August 2010
Kathy Kinzig, Environmental Educator, 2006
Kathy Van Eck, Sound Artist, on her Music, February 2009
Katrina Vandenberg, Professor and Author, on Her Latest Book and John Reimringer, Professor and Author on Limits
Keir Neuringer, Composer, on Improvisation, February 2009
Kelly Quinn, Professor of American Studies, on Puppets, February 2010
Ken Meter, Food Systems Analyst, on the American Third World, September 2012
Keri Pickett, Photographer, on her First Film, January 2013
Kirill Thompson, Professor of Foreign Languages and Literature, on Confucianism, September 2011
Kristian Petersen, Professor of Religion, on Chinese Islam, Sep. 2013
Kristi Belcamino, Crime Fiction Author, Feb. 2016
Kristin Anderson, Playwright & Actor, on Hitler, Satan, and Me, Aug. 2013
Kristin Eide-Tollefson, Bookstore Owner, 1996
Kristin Hoelsher-Schacker, Artist, on the Women's Art Institute, Jul. 2013
Krystal Spinler, Restaurant Owner, on her Business, November 2012
Larry Johnson, Storyteller and Educator, Sep. 2015
Larry Millett, Journalist and Author, Mar. 2014
Laura Bridget Regan, Musician, on Finding Her Voice, August 2012
Laura Kosowski, Horticulture Grad, May 2014
Laurie Green, Professor of History, on the Civil Rights Movement, April 2011
Lawrence Lee, Pastor of United Church of Two Harbors, Apr. 2014
Lawrence Venuti, Professor of English, on Translation, October 2011
Lea Kirchner and Bryce Wolle, Gardeners, on Gardening, August 2012