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Alexander : the inevitable belt : Alexander Brothers Philadelphia
Alexander : the inevitable belt : Alexander Brothers Philadelphia
Alexander : the inevitable belt : Alexander Brothers Philadelphia
Alexander : the inevitable belt : Alexander is the only tight-line, rim-grip, five-piece-stretch belt. . .
Alexander, the only tight-line belt
Alexander the powerful belt
Alexander uses only straight oak bark : Alexander Brothers
Alexander uses only straight oak bark to tan his leather. . . : Alexander Brothers Philadelphia
And every one an Alexander : ordinary belting rides the crown. . . : Alexander Brothers Philadelphia
Beltdoms greatest mark : 1867 : 1916
HP : FORMULA: to find horse power - take the number of your drives and multiply by Alexander
In all trades there stands alone one envied mark. . .Alexander Brothers Philadelphia
Let Alexander get a tight grip on your pulley
Let Alexander shoulder your load - for he's a brainy, brawny fellow, too big to be staggered and too powerful to be
The Alexander belt is made in one grade only -- the highest.
The Alexander belt is made in one grade only - the highest : Richie, Crawford Co. : Philadelphia
The Alexander dreadnaut belt is waterproof
The black beauty of beltdom
The dominant mark on belting
The value of many useful things that can be made from leather depends upon the quality of the leather itself. . . :
Which belt would you choose to transmit your power? A pulley-slip or a rim-grip belt?
Praise Song for the Day: A Poem for Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration January 20, 2009
Cover, Antebellum Dream Book, by Elizabeth Alexander
Cover, Crave Radiance, by Elizabeth Alexander
Cover, The Black Interior, by Elizabeth Alexander
Cover, Venus Hottentot, The, by Elizabeth Alexander
Galley cover, American Sublime, by Elizabeth Alexander
125th Anniversary Celebration, 1978. (Box 1, Folder 20)
125th Anniversary Celebration book, "Selected Black Leaders of the YMCA," 1978. (Box 1, Folder 21)
Affirmative action reports, 1978, 1980. (Box 1, Folder 27)
African American Retired YMCA Persons, 1992. (Box 1, Folder 4)
Autobiography, 1998. (Box 1, Folder 1)
BAN-WYS. Articles of Incorporation, Constitutions, Brochures, and Other Background Information, 1974-1980. (Box 1, Folder 10)
BAN-WYS. BAN-WYS Newsletter/ Primer, 1970-1971, 1974. (Box 1, Folder 11)
BAN-WYS. Correspondence, undated and 1979-1982. (Box 1, Folder 16)
BAN-WYS."Liberator," 1970-72. (Box 1, Folder 13)
BAN-WYS. National conferences, 1970-1972, 1975, 1981-1982. (Box 1, Folder 15)
BAN-WYS. Northeast Cluster, 1981-1982. (Box 1, Folder 17)
BAN-WYS. Northeast Cluster "Evening of Appreciation," May 1981. (Box 1, Folder 18)
BAN-WYS. Notes and miscellaneous records, undated and 1969-1979. (Box 1, Folder 19)
BAN-WYS."President's Newsletter," 1982. (Box 1, Folder 12)
BAN-WYS. Training, 1973-1975. (Box 1, Folder 14)
"Black Family: What's Happening in the Family Circle," 1978-1980. (Box 1, Folder 26)
COBY East (Consortium of Black YMCAs), 1987. (Box 1, Folder 5)
"How to Swim with the Sharks: A Survival Skills Primer," 1979-1980. (Box 1, Folder 25)
Human Rights Unit, 1975-1980. (Box 1, Folder 9)
Key Leaders Conference on Strengthening the YMCA in the Black Community, 1986. (Box 1, Folder 22)
Miscellaneous articles, 1961-1980. (Box 1, Folder 30)
Miscellaneous reports on race relations in the YMCA, 1968-1992. (Box 1, Folder 29)
National Black Achievers Conference 25th Anniversary, 1996. (Box 1, Folder 6)
National board policies and procedures, 1974. (Box 1, Folder 3)
National Task Force on the Role of the YMCA in Black Communities, 1976-1981. (Box 1, Folder 7)
National Task Force on the Role of the YMCA in Black Communities, 1976-1981. (Box 1, Folder 8)
Non-white YMCA survey, 1977. (Box 1, Folder 23)
"Perspectives and Guidelines for Voluntarism in the YMCA," 1977. (Box 1, Folder 28)
Reports, speeches, and articles by Alexander, 1968-1980. (Box 1, Folder 2)
YMCA equal opportunity employment kit, 1980. (Box 1, Folder 24)
India (Southern Sheet)
Concluding discussion
Interview with Qui Dorian Alexander
Planning for work in mathematical sciences at a national laboratory
Jean Alexis
Parallel sections and related problems in convex geometry
Handling model uncertainties via informative Goodness-of-Fit
Betula Ali
Riunite e per sempre
Fadumo Ali
Wise Ali
Mann, Frederick Maynard
Bavarian costume
Dutch children
Greek man
Mother and child
Three Dutch women
Team 1: Tensor tomography of stress-induced birefringence in commercial glasses
Les Petits Chevaux
John H. Allan Seed Co. Prospectus for 1914-1915
Accuratissima Europae tabula, multis locis correcta, et nuperrim  edita
Exactissima Asiae delineatio, in praecipuas regiones, caeterasq[ue] partes divisa, et denu  in lucem edita
Novissima et perfectissima Africae descriptio
Planisphaerium terrestre
Recentissima novi orbis, sive Americae septentrionalis et meridionalis tabula
Allegan Nursery Catalogue, 1916
Allegan Nursery Catalogue, 1917
Annual Administrative Report for 1923, Arthur J. Allen, March 25, 1924
Annual Report Letter of A. J. Allen, Secretary, Young Men's Christian Association on Language Study,Peking, China, for the year ending Sept. 30, 1919
Answers to Questions Covering the year ending Oct. 31, 1920, from Arthur J. Allen, Nanchang
Arthur J. Allen, Annual Letter, Peitaiho, China, August 10, 1919
Arthur J. Allen, Annual Report, Nanchang, China, September 30, 1921.
Britain : is grateful : the British War Relief Society Inc. of U.S.A. : a member agency of the National War Fund
English recipe book.
Say aren't you supposed to be turning out tanks with the rest of the boys?
"The : Commando : is doing a great job moving men and materiel". -- Army Air Forces
The Sky's the limit! : keep buying war bonds
The Sky's the limit! : keep buying war bonds
Together we win : get behind your labor-management committee
Carved wood beams at left end of lintel above middle doorway of Temple 1 at Tikal, Guatemala
Dorris Allen photo
Dorris Allen photo
Dorris Allen photo