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Deep Networks and the Multiple Manifold Problem
Digital art reflecting on life during the COVID-19 pandemic
Directional sticker on the floor at the entrance to the Kathryn A. Martin Library, University of Minnesota Duluth
Discovering Genetic Networks Using Compressive Sensing
"Do Not Use Water Fountain" University of Minnesota Duluth poster
Duluth Depot comedy and tragedy masks wearing face masks
Elena Hernandez
Entrance to the vaccination clinic at the at the Range Recreation Center in Eveleth, Minnesota
"Face Coverings Required In This Area" University of Minnesota poster
"Face Coverings Required" University of Minnesota poster
Face mask sign on plexiglass at the Kirby Student Center Technology Services help desk at the University of Minnesota Duluth
False Blue Indigo
Finding Effective Spreaders for Fast Communication in Small and Large Networks
From Perception to Understanding: The Third Wave of AI
"Get Back To What You Love"  University of Minnesota Duluth digital sign
"Get Vaccinated To Protect Yourself And Others" University of Minnesota poster
Gray Birch
GrubHub signs outside of Northern Shores Coffee on the University of Minnesota Duluth campus
Hairy Wild Petunia
Handling model uncertainties via informative Goodness-of-Fit