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Douglas Geers, Composer, on the Spark Festival, February 2007
David Wiggins, Park Ranger, on the Mississippi Flooding, May 2011
Dafna Naphtali, Composer, on her Process, February 2013
Cindy Patton, Professor of Sociology, on AIDS Treatment, April 2010
Andrew Newman, Professor of Anthropology, on Parks, October 2011
John Reimringer and Katrina Vandenberg, Novelist and Poet, on Writing and Parenthood, July 2013
Timothy Pauketat, Archaeologist, on Cahokia, May 2013
Ted Farmer, Professor of History, on Humanity, August 2010
Suzanne Cahill, Professor of East Asian Studies, on Tang Dynasty Daoism, December 2007
Susan Hensel, Artist, on her Work, November 2011