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Morton Subotnick, Composer, on his Works, February 2007
Moving to Green Economies of Plenitude: Juliet Schor, Oct. 2010
Moving to Green Economies of Plenitude (Q&A): Juliet Schor, Oct. 2010
Multi-Cultural. General. National Education Association Center for Human Relations, 1968-1970. (Box 467, Folder 11)
Multi-Cultural. Special Committee on Minority Groups. Minority Groups, 1969-1970 (Box 460, Folder 10)
Musical leaves for sabbath schools : composed of Musical leaves nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, with an addition of one hundred popular hymns
Nabil Matar, Professor of English, on Accounts of Captivity, October 2009
Nancy Carlson, Children's Author, Apr. 2014
Naomi Falk, Professor of Art, on her Work, February 2013
Naomi Scheman, Philosopher, Apr. 2016