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Old Cap. Collier Library, Number 430
Commissions, Conferences, Councils and Symposia, 1952-2001. Forestry. (Box 28, Folder 9)
Glacier Bay, Alaska. Articles, reprints, maps, pamphlets re Glacier Bay (Box 2, Folder 53)
Corporate Records. Policy-making Bodies. Minute Books. (Box 014, Folder 05)
Relations with Other Organizations. National Voluntary Organizations and Conferences. American Parmaceutical Association/ASHA. Publicity Materials. (Box 135, Folder 16)
Old Cap. Collier Library, Number 239
Relations with Other Organizations. United States Federal Security Administration, Social Protection Division. Local Social Protection Committees. (Box 128, Folder 08)
The Survey Midmonthly, (Volume 61, Issue 4)
Subject Files, 1950-2006. People and Miscellaneous Topics. Insecticides. (Box 38, Folder 10)
Special Projects. Religious Freedom and Public Affairs Project. Right Wing Extremists. (Box 21, Folder 12)
Subject Files, 1950-2006. Clipping Files, undated, 1962-2000. Food, Population, Forestry, Environment. (Box 34, Folder 28)
Publications. Literature. Lists of Materials Available from ASHA. (Box 142, Folder 15)
Subject Files, 1950-2006. People and Miscellaneous Topics. Insecticides: DDT. (Box 38, Folder 11)
Equipment planning medical, 1954-1956
General and Administrative. Assemblies and Conferences. International Boys' Work Conference Proceedings, 1925 (Box 3, Folder 15)
Volume I: Survey letterpress correspondence I (Box 1 Volume 1)
Subject files, 1954-1999. NATO enlargement, 1997-1999 (Box 59, Folder 30)
Living hymns : for use in the Sabbath school, Christian endeavor meetings, the church and home
Special Projects, 1939-1940, 1944-1946, 1959-1970s. South Bronx Youth Service System, 1970s. Affiliated Agency Reports, Objectives and Activities Reports. (Box 175, Folder 8)
Alphabetical Files, Ca-Col, 1964-1974. Campus Demonstrations. Student Unrest. (Box 5, Folder 10)