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Wooden cupboards in the UMD men's hockey locker room at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC)
Workers constructing a concourse on the UMD campus
Haiwei/Yuwei Zhang/Liao
Hiroko Songer
Khushi Bhatt
My Story with American Chinese Food 2016
Oscar Mondragon
Wasana Grimsby
Map of part of the Cuyuna iron district of Minnesota: monograph LII, plate XV
Map of sportsmen's territory in the Minnesota Arrowhead sportland
Map showing lands belonging to the Saint Paul & Duluth Railroad Company: March 1st 1893
Minnesota; Missouri
The Arrowhead
A diagram of Oregon
Africa iuxta navigationes et observationaes recentissimas aucta, correcta et in sua regna et status divisa
A map of North America: from the latest surveys and maps
A map of the most inhabited part of Virginia: containing the whole province of Maryland with part of Pensilvania, New Jersey and North Carolina
A map of the North-Pole and the parts adioining
A mapp of Europe: designed by Mounsieur Sanson, geographer to the French king, and rendred into English and illustrated by Ric: Blome, by his Majets. espesiall command
Americae nova tabula
Americae pars Meridionalis
A new map of ancient Asia dedicated to His Highness, William, Duke of Gloucester
A new map of the East India Isles: from the latest authorities
Asiae IX tab
Bathymetric map of the Arctic Basin
Brownlee's railway and guide map of Manitoba
Carte de la Louisiane et du cours du Mississipi : dressée sur un grande nombre de memoires entrautres sur ceux de Mr. le Maire
Carte de la riviere Longue: et de quelques autres, qui se dechargent dans le grand fleuve de Missisipi [sic] ... ; Carte que les Gnacsitares: ont dessine sur des paux de cerfs
Carte des Indes orientales: dessinée suivant les observations les plus recentes, dont le principal est tirée des cartes hydrographiques de Mr. D'Apres de Mannevillette
Carte geographique, statistique et historique de la Guyane
Carte routière pour cyclistes & automobiles
Cass county: the land of clover
Chart of the Northern Passage between Asia & America
Chart of the Northern Passage between Asia & America
Cleartype outline map of North America
Colton's new map of the state of Texas
Colton's new sectional map of the state of Nebraska
Croquis de los ríos Napo y Putumayo
Department of the Colorado
Department of the Missouri
Description de la partie des Indes Orientales qui est sous la domination du grand Mogol
Dominion of Canada Telegraph & Signal Service: map no. 2 (east-central section)
East India Isles
Erythraie sive rubri maris periplus
Generalkarte von Nordamerica: samt den Westindischen Inseln
Geological map of Tasmania
Hóhenschichten-Karte Ost- und Westpreussens
Hydrographical basin of the upper Mississippi River: from astronomical and barometrical observations, surveys, and information
Land classification and density of standing timber: Black Hills Forest Reserve
Les Indes orientales: sous le nom dêqueles est compris l'empire du Grand Mogol, les deux presqu'isles de ça et de la le Gange, les Maldives, et l'isle de Ceylan: A quoy quelque uns joignent encore les grandes isles de la Sonde, qui sont Sumatra, Java, et Borneo: les Philipines, et les Moluques
Mapa rozmieszczenia ludowych szkỏł rolniczych
Map illustrative of Captain Willard Glazier's voyage of exploration to the source of the Mississippi River: drawn from delineations by his Indian guide Che-no-wa-ge-sic
Map no. 2 of the El Paso & Fort Yuma wagon road: 1857-8
Map of a part of Washington Territory: to accompany the report of the Surveyor General, 1860-61
Map of the Mississippi River from Lake Winnipeg to the Gulf of Mexico
Map of the peninsula of India
Map of the surface formations of the southern peninsula of Michigan
Map of the territory of the United States from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean: ordered by the Hon. Jeff'n Davis, Secretary of War to accompany the reports of the explorations for a railroad route: made in accordance with the 10th & 11th sections of the Army Appropriation Act of March 3rd 1853
Map of the United States: compiled from the latest authorities
Map of United States showing areas surveyed, scattered swamp, solid swamp, river surveys, and location of gaging stations
Map showing condition and progress of topographic surveys and location of gaging stations for the fiscal year 1897-1898
Map showing the progress of the public surveys in the territories of Kansas and Nebraska: to accompany the annual report of the Surveyor General, 1860
Midget map of the best roads of Nebraska: showing principal cities, paved roads, road distances
Milwaukee Road, east of Short Line bridge
Minneapolis sheet, Minnesota: areal geology
Mittlere jährliche Zu- od. Abnahme der Bevölkerung der besser bekannten Gebiete der Erde
Natural vegetation
Nebraska, Kansas, Dakota, Colorado and Idaho
North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Eastern Tennessee
North Central New Mexico: atlas sheet no. 69(D)
NPRY map showing a portion of the new line around the University of Minnesota campus: scale 1"" = 100'
NPRY map showing a portion of the new line around the University of Minnesota campus: scale 1"" = 100'
N.P.Ry. sketch showing location of proposed alternate line around University of Minnesota Campus: scale 1" = 100'
Oil and gas producing areas in Oklahoma
Orientaliora Indiarum Orientalium cum insulis adjacentibus à promontorio C. Comorin ad Japan - Pascaert van t'Ooster gedeelte van Oost Indien van C. Comorin ad Japan
Outline map of Washington County, Minnesota
Persia, Afghanistan and Baluchistan
Philips' railway map of the British Isles with large scale inset maps of the principal industrial centres
Physiographic diagram of the United States
Plat of South Crookston, Polk County, Minn
Plat showing stone quarry in Blocks 38 and 39, St. Anthony City
Preliminary map of Bhootan, 1874: Scale 8 miles = 1 inch
Proposed tunnel to new Shops - Storehouse Building: University of Minnesota, scale 1/8"" = 1'-0""
Rand McNally standard map of Czechoslovakia (Československá republika)
Saskatchewan, map showing disposition of lands
Sectional map of Aitkin County, Minn: compiled from latest government surveys and other authentic sources
Sequence map of Greece
Soil map, Minnesota, Stevens County sheet
Southern Alberta : map showing disposition of lands
Stanford's New Orographical Map of Australasia
State of Nevada
State of Oklahoma
Sueciæ magnæ, totius orbis regni antiquissimi, hodierna in sex principales suas partes, Gothiam nempe, Sueciam propriam sive stricté Sumptam, Nordlandiam, Finniam, Ingriam, Livoniam earundemque subdivisionum, ac adjacentium insularum geographica distinctio
[Taliaferro map of the Fort Snelling area]
Terra Sancta, sive Promissionis, olim Palestina
The Arctic regions
The county of Monmouth