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Sketch of windows and pillars.
Sketch of winter activities.
Sketch street with eight spaces for advertisements.
Sketch titled the "Wee Wee Club, " depicting a large stone facade.
Sketch with lion sculptures and arch.
Skidder at timber harvest operation
Ski jumper coming off a ramp on Mount Itasca in front of a crowd
Skin Disease
Skinner, B. Frederic
Ski Party
Skit featuring members of the Mount Sinai Auxiliary, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Skogan, Vernon Gordon
Skoglund, John E.
Skok, Eugene L.
Skok, Richard
Skok, Richard
Skok, Richard
Skouras appeal, 1958-1959 (Box 18, Folder 11)
S. Krause and A. De Bois
Skrien, David A.