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Fruits of Acer sacchariunum and Acer saccharum
Fruits of Betula much englarged
Fruits of Gaillardia
Fruits of Physalis virginiana, Physalis alkekengi, and Leucophysalis grandiflora
Fruits of Staphylea
Fruits of Staphylea trifolia
Fruits of the Rhus glabra and Rhus typhina
Fruits with hooks
Fruits with hooks and spines
Fucus bed, low tide
Fucus rockweed
Gabbro Portage, Hurd unloading the canoe
Galium boreale
Galium boreale
Galium triflorum (Galium asperuloides)
Gardiner Canyon and Eagles Nest crag at Yellowstone Park
Gaultheria procumbens
Geaster hygrometrica, Earth Star
Geaster hygrometrica, Earth Star, close view