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Rum River - Onamia to Milaca, the 25-mile segment
Runaway Health Costs with speaker Carl Plateau
Running for Re-election to U.S. Senate with speaker David Durenberger
Rural church.
Rural church.
Rural church in Carver County, Minnesota. Photo for story of U of Minnesota research about rural family strengths, funded by Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station.
Rural church in western Minnesota.
Rural church in western Minnesota.
Rural community bank, state bank.
"Rural Education," discussion, Special Bulletin no. 88
Rural Family
Rural Women
Russ Iverson of KUOM, engineer on Radio Broadcasting
Ruth Benedict
Ruth Dill-Macky and wheat scab research, St. Paul campus growth chamber.
Ruth Dill-Macky, fusarium headblight, scab, of wheat. St. Paul campus greenhouse. Plant pathology research.
Ryan Batalden, Organic Farmer, on His Farm, August 2012
Rye, U of M, Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station research field at the Sand Plain Research Farm, Becker, Minnesota. Principal investigator: Robinson, Robert G.
Saga of the Green Giants
Saga of the Green Giants - St. Croix Park