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"A Halifax" four--engined bomber
A Gunner of the Fleet Air Arm
A guide for your convenience in planning a visit to Minneapolis
Agudas Achim Synagogue exterior, Superior, Wisconsin
Agudas Achim Orthodox Synagogue, Superior, Wisconsin
A Guard of the Rajah of Putteeala and Two of his Dwarfs.
A Guantanamo Site of Conscience (Q&A): Liz Sevcenko, Oct. 2011
A Guantanamo Site of Conscience: Liz Sevcenko, Oct. 2011
A gruesome warning. A robber's head outside a city wall.
A.G.R.'s Bible Class Boys
Ag Royal. Livestock Show
Ag. Royal. Girls with Chickens
Ag Royal Day, St. Paul, Minnesota
Ag Royal. Archery Contest
Ag. Royal
A grove of white birches with leaves destroyed by the Birch Skeletonizer insect
A group stands around in the attic annex of a general store in Richardton, North Dakota
A group sits on a sofa during a Malmon Pontiac holiday party, St. Paul, Minnesota
A Group of Young Secretaries at the Secretarial Training Institute, November 4 - 22, 1947, at Tokyo
A group of young girls pose for a picture on Edith Kurzen's 16th birthday, St. Paul, Minnesota