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Guilford Graham Hartley walking with snowshoes on Trout Lake
Guilford Graham Hartley wearing a pair of skis and standing next to William Seelye in Woodland at Allandale Farms
Guilford Graham Hartley with another adult and child standing by luggage and several dead deer on railroad tracks at Island Farm
Guilford Graham Hartley with a rifle standing beside four dead deer hanging off of a cabin at Island Farm
Guilford, Richard G.
Guilford Sandilands Lewis, Caroline Congdon, and David Claypool sitting together on a sled
Guilford Sandilands Lewis, David Woodward Claypool, and Frederick Cavour Lewis standing together in front of a car
Gujarati bead work wall hanging
Gujarati block printed table cloth
Gujarati bukhani
Gujarati dhabla wool shawl
Gujarati dowry chest
Gujarati gharcholu wedding sari
Gujarati toran
Gujarati toran
Gujarati toran
Gujarati wall hanging
Gujarati women's blouse
Gujarati woolen shawl
Gujarati woolen vest