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Two workers in the University of Minnesota Duluth Heating Plant
Two would-be blockade runners
Two Yao women sewing
Two years ago the British Empire stood alone ... : today, four-fifths of the world is united against Axis tyranny
Two young adults looking backwards while seated next to each other on a canoe on Cass Lake
Two young adults sitting together
Two young children dressed up for Purim at the George Kaplan Hebrew Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota
Two young hawks
Two young Hmong girls
Two young (Hmong?)monks.
Two young (Hmong?) monks and one older man
Two young Hmong soldiers
Two young Kingbirds
Two young men on a tractor at Hachsharah farm in Anoka, Minnesota
Two young students return books at Talmud Torah, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Tyger Tyger
Tyler, Frank A.
Tyler, Tracy F