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The Long arm of fire : fire's destructiveness is not confined to the physical property it devours : you can daily he
The Long-range Bristol "Beaufighter"
The Lord Morrison of Lambeth
Theloschistes polycarpus
The Lost Zoo : (a Rhyme for the Young, But Not Too Young)
The lounge area of the Mary Place YMCA Building, 1890s. Reading and singing around the piano helped pass the time.
The lower picture is of an interesting, half-witted old hermit priest who calls himself the brother in-law of God.
The Lutheran hymnary
The machine shop, Science Section of the Lecture Department, Y22 North Szechuen Road, Shanghai. 1913.
The Madras Electric Tramways.
The maid of the mountains : the world famous musical comedy
The Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The : Man : behind the : man : behind the : gun : for victory : buy U.S. bonds
The Man who wasn't there
The Man who wasn't there : he let his buddies down by getting a venereal disease : prophylaxis prevents venereal
The Mapleton Stables at Louisville
"The March" (Take Back the Night)
The Marina Street Girls
The marrow of tradition
"The Matriarchs," Wall hanging openwork, canvaswork appliqued to moire, by Anne Cheek LaRose