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Page from a book showing photograph of a lake
Page from manuscript
Page from The Beaver, June 1947 showing an illustration of Mrs. Hopkins' large paintings
Pagenkopf, Alfred Albert
Pagoda and Wall
Pagoda Bridge in the Country
Pagodas adorn most of the prominent hills of China, but one does not often find three together.
Pagodas in Landscape
Paige, James
Painted purple draperies.
Painted purple draperies.
Painting, canoe in lake
Painting of a Beaver group from Ernest Thomas Seton's book, "Mammals"
Painting of Shrinathji
Painting on marble of Shrinathji
Pair of andirons
Pair of Bluebirds
Pair of brass decorative ornaments
Pair of dolls
Pair of elephants made of metal