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Acknowledgment of reception of Cedula Real and account of proceedings relating to the Jesuit's petition for the noveno., December 16th, 1611.
Acknowledgment and certification of services rendered by Amerindian soldiery., 1644-1646.
Acknowledges receipt of letter relating to the use of Amerindian labour for the fortification of Buenos Aires., October 13th, 1665.
Acknowledges receipt of letter., April 14th, 1744.
Aciphylla colensoi
Achtung Werktatige! : Gr. offentl. Massenkundgebung : Hitler, Hindenburg oder : Thalmann : Referent: : Heinz Willman
Achtung! Str?e frei! S.A. marschiert duch Buchholz ... , Nach dem Propagandazug Einzug der S.A. ins Konzerthaus Lind
Achtung , Sozialdemokraten , Liste 2
Achtung! Sehr wichtig! Grosse Volksversammlung Es spricht Pg. Pfister uber: Billigen wir Nationalsozialisten die Pap
Achtung! Ratten-Bekampfungsaktion
Achtung , hier wird gestreikt , Ausgesperrt , Fruher: Arbeitslosigkeit - Hoffnungslosigkeit , Verwahrlosung - Streik
A Chronological chart of ancient, modern and Biblical history
A Chronological chart of ancient, modern and Biblical history
A Christmas picnic party on Pagoda Hill.
A Christian church with people in front of it
A choice selection of hymns and spiritual songs : designed to aid in the devotions of prayer, conference, and camp-meetings.
A Chinese Junk, - Canton River.
A Chinese coffin carried by eight coolies. Coffins cost from $20 to $5,000 without trimmings.
Achillea sp. (Compositae)
Achillea sp.