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Termites, termitarium 35 ft. high in the Kenya Colony, Africa, image from National Geographic Magazine
Termites, Termitophilous fly, illustration from a printed publication
Termites, Termitophilous staphylinid, illustration from a printed publication
Termites, Trinervitermes biformis, large and small soldier, illustration from a printed book
Tetrapteryx stages in bird ancestry, illustration from William Beebe, "The Bird Its Form and Function"
Text, Analysis of Minnesota Bird-Life
Text, Veritas caput, Itasca Park, origin of its name from Jacob Brower's "Itasca State Park: An Illustrated History," 1904
Text, Winter Home of Minnesota Birds
The boat named "Fram" at Crane Island on Lake Minnetonka
The Flight of Birds, Frederick Webb Headley