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The Jewish Labor Committee for Freedom, Democracy against Dictatorship and Communism, and Equal Rights for All
The Jolly Cockney
The jubilee: an extensive collection of church music for the choir, the congregation, and the singing-school
The Jubilee harp : revised and enlarged, for tent, conference, prayer, and congregational meetings
The Juntunen Family
The Juvies
The Kid in upper 4 : the New Haven R.R.
The King's Head and Eight Bells
The King's Singers groupshot
The Korean Research Center News, August-October 1962 (Box 64, Folder 30)
The Lady Upstairs
The largest Bible class in the world at Camp McArthur, Waco, Texas. The picture was taken at the great Cotton Palace auditorium near the camp, after the class had been addressed by Dr. James Ely, formerly of New York, now in Army YMCA work in southern...
The largest YMCA centre in the second army area.
The Last Days of Louisiana Red
The late Lord Roberts' stirring words : to London's special service battalion: : ... "how very different is your act
The Laurel wreath : for female seminaries, high schools, academies, normal schools, &c.
Thelephora sowerbyi (Cotylidia pallida)
The Lewis Family of Berkshire, Vermont (Box 126, Folder 11)
The "Liberty Way" (N.Y.C. 1918) Wireless Telephone Set.