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Annual Report for 1925, Lawrence Todnem, Tsinanfu, China
Annual Report for 1925, J. L. McPherson
Annual Report for 1925, George A. Fitch, Shanghai
Annual Report for 1922, George A. Fitch, Shanghai, China, Industrial Department, Chinese Y. M. C. A.
Annual Report, Eugene E. Barnett, October 1, 1918-September 30, 1919
Annual Report, Edward H. Lockwood, March 31st, 1937
Annual Report, E. A. Turner, Shanghai, for the year ending Sept. 30, 1919
Annual Report. December 31st, 1921, Changsha, R. K. Veryard
Annual Report, C. H. McCloy, Shanghai, September 6, 1921
Annual Report, C. H. McCloy, Shanghai
Annual Report, Changsha, China, 1919, R. K. Veryard
Annual Report, C. C. Rutledge,Hong Kong December 23,1903-Sept. 30, 1904
Annual Report by W. W. Brockman, April 9, 1931
Annual Report, Building in Central China, December 1920, Roy L. Creighton
Annual Report. Bedford Branch YMCA of Greater New York, 1959-1960. (Box 1, Folder 4)
Annual Report, Arthur M. Guttery, General Secretary, Wu-Han Young Men's Christian Association (Wu-Han = Hankow, Wuchang and Hanyang)
Annual Report, April 8, 1937, George G. Helde
Annual Report, Answers to Questions for year ending October 31, 1920, C. C. Shedd
Annual Report, A. M. Guttery, General Secretary, Hankow, China, Feb.2nd, 1922
Annual Report, A. E. Dome, Secretary, Hong Kong, January 4th, 1923