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YMCA Schools business letters class, Minneapolis, Minnesota
YMCA Schools salesmanship class, Minneapolis, Minnesota
YMCA Schools typing class, Minneapolis, Minnesota
YMCA Scuba 1950s
YMCA secretaries at a station behind the lines
YMCA Secretaries at distribution stand with soldiers
YMCA secretaries distributing to group of men and women.
YMCA secretaries who have carried their supplies five miles through communication trenches to distribute them at the front. Five minutes after this picture was taken they were driven under cover by falling shells. The man standing is Earl Ballew, now...
YMCA secretary visiting the hospital at Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Georgia
YMCA Secretary Willis M. McDonald and boys on the shore of Cedar Lake, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
YMCA serving food to a group of soldiers
YMCA Shop and Laboratory
YMCA shop meeting at Kohler piano factory
YMCA shop meeting at Kohler piano factory
YMCA sign and building with women and soldiers outside.
YMCA Staff: Tripp, Hubbard, Froelick, Hersey, Ziegler, Garley, Brown, Cole, Hall, Hayes, Edwards
YMCA Statistical Summary and Analysis, 1985
Y.M.C.A. Tea House at recess time with the wysteria in bloom
YMCA Team, Chihuahua, Mexico
YMCA Theatre at Aix-les-Bains, France