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A new map of the East India Isles: from the latest authorities
A new map of the cross roads described in Cary's New Itinerary : with figures of reference prefixed to the roads, showing the page in the work where the same is described
A new map of the county of Wilts : divided into hundreds
A new map of the Baltick &c. : shewing all the dominions about it with ye great or post roads and principal cross-roads
A new map of Spain and Portugal, exhibiting the chains of mountains with their passes the principal & cross roads, with other detail requisite for the intelligence of military operations
A new map of South America, from the latest authorities
A new map of present Asia : dedicated to his highness William Duke of Gloucester.
A new map of North America, with the West India Islands Divided according to the preliminary articles of peace, signed at Versailles, 20, Jan. 1783. Wherein are particularly distinguished the United States and the several provinces, governments &ca. which compose the British dominions
A new map of North America from the latest authorities
A new map of North America agreeable to the latest discoveries
A new map of Michigan with its canals, roads & distances
A new map of Maryland and Delaware : with their canals, roads & distances.
A new map of Kentucky : with its roads & distances from place to place along the stage & steamboat routes
A new map of Illinois : exhibiting the counties, townships, cities, villages, & post offices, the railroads, canals, common roads & all other internal improvements
A new map of Hindoostan : from the latest authorities
A new map of Hindoostan:
A new map of Europe divided into its empires, kingdoms, states &c.
A new map of England and Wales : adapted to Cary's New Itinerary, shewing the whole of the roads, direct & cross, contained in that work