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Africæ : described the manners of their habits, and buildinge newly done into English
Africa : with all its states, kingdoms, republics, regions, islands, & ca., improved and inlarged from D'Anville's map; to which have been added a particular chart of the Gold Coast wherein are distinguished all the European forts and factories
Africa : (southern sheet)
Africans taping and collecting sap from tall trees
Africans servicing a British aircraft
African Socialism by Dr. St. Clair Drake
African Religions and Values by Dr. Eliot Skinner
African Proverbs
Africa : North Eastern sheet
African Music as Sound by Dr. Alan Merriam
African man in a tropical tree has just thrown a fruit and hit Hitler
African harvest, Algeria
African Diaspora Histories: Dan Bergin, Keith Mayes, and Yuichiro Onishi, Dec. 2014
African Cultures in Transition: Urbanization and Social Disorganization with Richard Ware, African specialist for Peace Corps.
African-Atlantic Epistemologies of Garden (Q&A): Grey Gundaker, Sep. 2012
African-Atlantic Epistemologies of Garden: Grey Gundaker, Sep. 2012
African Art in Motion: Jan-Lodewijk Grootaers, Feb. 2016
African Art by Roy Sieber
African American YMCA workers during World War I