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Lone tree used for supporting vines of yams (Dioscorea) to increase photosynthetic spread and productivity.
Long-billed Marsh Wren nest taken against white background
Long-distance view of two houses in Cass Lake
Longitudinal Section Diagram of Type flower
Longitudinal section diagrom of a type of flower, original
Long Jump
Long jump
Long jump
Long jump
Long rafts of bamboo are taken this way as far north as Tientsin.
Long-section Diagram of type flower
Long section of Bluebell and Morning Glory, original
Long section of composit flower, original
Longs Peak, Colorado, Gentiana elegans
Longs Peak, Colorado, Gentiana elegans
Long, Verne
Lonicera dioica
Looking East from Association Building, Foochow, (Nantai) China
Looking over the heads of the people.
Looking over the Tops of Buildings into the Distance