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Plate 185 (Plate CLXXXV), Bachman's Warbler
Plate 186 (Plate CLXXXVI), Pinnated Grous
Plate 187 (Plate CLXXXVII), Boat-tailed Grackle
Plate 188 (Plate CLXXXVIII), Tree Sparrow
Plate 189 (Plate CLXXXIX), Snow Bunting
Plate 190 (Plate CXC), Yellow bellied Woodpecker
Plate 191 (Plate CXCI), Willow Grous
Plate 192 (Plate CXCII), Great cinereous Shrike or Butcher Bird
Plate 193 (Plate CXCIII), Lincoln Finch
Plate 194 (Plate CXCIV), Hudson's Bay Titmouse