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Plate 314 (Plate CCCXIV), Chestnut-coloured Finch, Black-headed Siskin, Black crown Bunting, Arctic Ground Finch
Plate 315 (Plate CCCXV), Red-breasted Sandpiper
Plate 316 (Plate CCCXVI), Black-bellied Darter
Plate 317 (Plate CCCXVII), Black, or Surf Duck
Plate 318 (Plate CCCXVIII), American Avocet
Plate 319 (Plate CCCXIX), Lesser Tern
Plate 320 (Plate CCCXX), Little Sandpiper
Plate 321 (Plate CCCXXI), Roseate Spoonbill
Plate 322 (Plate CCCXXII), Red-headed Duck
Plate 323 (Plate CCCXXIII), Black Skimmer or Shearwater