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Nautch girl, Jeypore [Jaipur], 1
Nautch girl, Jeypore [Jaipur], 2
Nautch girl, Jeypore [Jaipur], 3
Nautch Girls
Near Boorhanpur, Asir Ghur in the distance.
Near Currah, on the River Ganges.
Nepalese porter-girls who carry baggage many miles for two-pence, Darjeeling
New Double Line Bridge over the Pazundaung Creek
New Poona Mail Train.
New Suburban Rake
New Wagon Lifting Shop
Nickel platers.
Nilgiri Railway Burliar Tunnel North Portal
No. 10. The New Cawnpore Battery./ No. 11. The Judicial Commissioner's Kutchery (Court-House).
No. 12. Rear view of the Residency, from the Churchyard./ No. 13. The Seikh Yard Breach.
No. 14. Interior of the Residency Billard Room.
No. 15. The Seikh Yard Battery./ No. 16. The Nobut Khana Gateway.
No. 17. The Clock Tower Gateway.
No. 18. View from the Residency Look-out Tower.
No. 19. View from the Highlanders' Post.