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George A. Hormel and Company, Annual Report 1941
Give 'em both barrels
Give 'em both barrels
Give us the ships : we'll : finish : the subs!
Glacier Bay, Alaska. Photos of Mount Cooper, Glacier Bay, Alaska taken by Jean McIntosh (negatives) (Box 2, Folder 51)
Glacier Bay Expedition. Alaska correspondence with W.O. Field and William Cooper. (Box 2, Folder 55)
Glacier Bay Expedition. Alaska field notes, personal correspondence. (Box 2, Folder 53)
Glacier Bay Expedition. Alaska Vol. II notes and negatives and botany building. (Box 2, Folder 58)
Glacier Bay Expedition. British Columbia and Alaska notes and negatives Vol. 1. (Box 2, Folder 57)
Glacier Bay Expedition. Glacier Bay photos. (Box 2, Folder 54)