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Stellaria longifolia
Stellaria longifolia
Step Right Up - Win a Teddy Bear
Stern, Marshall D.
Stern, Marshall D.
Stewards of the Wild
Stewards of the Wild
St. Francis - from confluence with Elk River to Sherburne Wildlife Refuge
Stone Soup
Storefronts, mainstreet, no business, Winger, Polk County, Minnesota
Storefronts, small town grocery store, Winger, Polk County, Minnesota
Stories Told By Hills
Stories Told by the State Parks
Story of a Slow Coming Winter
Story of the Polio Epidemic: 1946, A Miracle of Skill
Story of the Slow-Coming Winter
St. Paul Campus sign
St. Paul Race for Mayor with speakers George Latimer and Mike Fritz
St. Paul Schools with speaker David Bennett
Straighten Up and Fly Right; Toby Courtney Has a Bad Night