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Plan and profile of Clearwater River and tirbutaries, Idaho
Plan and profile of Colorado River from Black Canyon, Arizona-Nevada to Arizona-Sonora boundary
Plan and profile of Klamath river, California and Oregon (below Keno) : Scott River to mile 22, Trinity River to South Fork, Salmon River and South Fork to Grizzly Creek, North Fork of Salmon River to Russian Creek, and South Fork of Smith River, California
Plan and profile of Little Colorado River from mouth to Tolchico Dam site, Arizona
Plan and profile of McKenzie River, Oregon : south fork McKenzie River to mile 18, Blue River to mile 9, Horse Creek to mile 10, Lost Creek to mile 4
Plan and profile of middle fork Eel River, California : to mile 34 ; Black Butte River to mile 4 ; and tributaries
Plan and profile of Payette River above Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, north fork to Cascade, south fork to Mile 70 and tributaries
Plan and profile of Rogue River, Oregon : from mouth to National Creek, south fork to mile 9, middle fork to mile 4, Butte Creek to mile 18, Illinois River to a point 7 miles above Kerby, and minor tributaries
Plan and profile of Umpqua River above Scottsburg, Oregon : North Umpqua River and tributaries
Plan of Clark Fork from Horse Creek, Montana, to Albany Falls, Idaho ; Pend Oreille Lake: Pack River below Great Northern Railway crossing