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Carte régionale de la Province de Québec : comprenant les comtés de St. Maurice, Maskinongé, Berthier, Joliette, Montcalm, L'Assomption, Jacques-Cartier, Hochelaga, Laval, Terrebonne, Soulanges, Vaudreuil, Deux-Montagnes, Argenteuil et Ottawa
G.R. Gause & Co. Catalogue of Flowers 1897
G.R. Gause & Co. Floral Treasures Catalog 1894
Gauger Notebook
Dealing with Stiffness in Low-Mach Number Flows
Laitiere d' Oberhasli, dans le Canton de Berne.
Map A: McMurdo Dry Valleys Antarctic Specially Managed Area No. 2
Map B: Wright and Taylor Valley
"All in the day's work." : enlist in the United States Marine Corps for interesting duty -- land, sea, or sky.
16th Century, Central and East Asia