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Schetnitz store and office building
Schillo Motor Sales Company
Schmidt , Mr and Mrs Walter M (1)
Schmidt , Mr and Mrs Walter M (1)
Schmidt , Mr and Mrs Walter M (1)
Scientific Instrument factory
Scott County Courthouse, Exterior perspective.
Scott Walker in the Graywolf Press office in Port Townsend, Washington
Sears, Roebuck and Company-Section "A"
Seascape cut drop.
Seascape with an island in the center of the composition.
Seascape with icebergs and rocky formations.
Seascape with rocky cliffs and a sailing vessel.
Seascape with rocky shore and the skeleton of a wrecked boat.
Security State Bank
Security Trust and Savings Bank
Sense of Space - Guthrie; Henry V St. Crispin Day Speech
Sense of Space - Henry V St. Crispin Day seech
Sense of Space - Stage design The Tempest
Sense of Space - Stage Size; Procenium; Thrust