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Traveling by train
Traveling on the roadway cut in the steep mountain-side between Simla and Naldera
Travelling library and recreation chest, Austria-Hungary POW
Tray of white pine cones, 1917 or earlier
Treasure room interior with plum colored draperies.
Treasury backdrop.
Treasury cut drop with large stone arch and purple draperies.
Treasury ledger
Treasury room portal with red draperies.
Treasury with hanging tapestries; one scrim panel in upper left crypt and one practical draped doorway.
Treat every girl like sister
Treatment of gas -- contaminated persons : instructions for eye --douching : to douche the right eye : to douche the
Trebil, Dan
Trebil, Dan
Trebil, Ryan
Tree covered by grape-vine
Tree covered hills with a central cavern opening.
Tree cut out
"Tree for a tree". 160 year old red pine harvested and new red pine planted in its place (3 of 3)
Tree-length skidding ca. 1985