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Mill operations, debarking drum, Benny Olson at far left with unknown worker
Mill operations, debarking drum in background; post pointer for sharpening the end of posts in foreground
Mill operations, peeling posts
Mill operations, peeling posts, Benny Olson pictured at center with two unknown workers
Mill operations, post pointer machine for sharpening post ends
Mill operations, rollway at sawmill
Mill operations, wood treating plant, built 1951.
Milton Firestone, Mike Shapiro, and Linn Firestone fishing at cabin in Wisconsin
Milton Rosen Tire and Rubber Company, 147 Sixth St., St. Paul
Milwaukee Station, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Milwaukee Station, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mimulus ringens
Minakari sari border
Mindak, William A.
Mindak, William A.
Minds, Jack
Mine For Keeps
Miners in shaft
Miners in trench