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The Case of the Missing Star
The Cat Who Wasn't Black
The Changing Use of Minnesota Farm Land
The Charger That's Always Leashed
The Children's Rights Defined and Advocated by Judge Susanne Sedgewick
The Choral Tradition in Minnesota
The Clouds Pile High
The Colonial Armies
The Colonies Become One
The Colonies Organize Themselves
The Colonies Prepare for the Congress
The Congress Closes
The Congress Considers Independence
The Consequences of Nuclear War with speaker Helen Caldicott
The Continental Congress Convenes
"The Contribution of Russian Science to Agriculture," discussion, Special Bulletin no. 106
The Crusader
The Curious Hobby of Mrs. Quinge
The Curriculum: What and How are Minnesota Schools Teaching and What Changes Should They Consider? with speakers Judy Cooper, Margaret O'Shaughnessy, and Floyd Keller
The Customs Commissioner