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A sermon on the subject of the slave trade, delivered to a society of Protestant dissenters, at the new meeting, in Birmingham, and published at their request
Numerical Approximations for Minimax Markov Control Problems
Reflections on life during COVID-19, posters and notebook pages
"Slow Down", "Travel More", and "Cut Your Straps": Posters about life during the COVID-19 pandemic
The inverse problem of inferring transit-time distributions from tracer observations in the ocean
A Preacher expounding the Poorans: In the Temple of Unn Poorna, Benares.
A Thakoor Dwaree: Interior of Lata Kashmeeree Mul's House, Benares.
Benares: A Brahmin placing a Garland on the holiest Spot in the sacred City.
Benares from the Mundakinee Tulao.
B,hurut [sic.] Melao.