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Cut drop of woods.
Cut drop of woods.
Cut drop to accompany the Holy City backdrop.
Cut drop with a beached boat along rocky sea shore.
Cut drop with clouds, rocky shore and trees.
Cut drop with Egyptian architectural elements.
Cut drop with figures and palms.
Cut drop with hanging tapestry, red draperies and a staircase.
Cut drop with interior of brown and green wall panels.
Cut drop with palms and figures.
Cut drop with red, rose and purple draperies.
Cut drop with stormy sea and rocky shore.
Cut drop with three horseshoe arches, possibly Arabic or Moorish in origin.
Cut drop with water, clouds, rocky shore and trees.
Cut out piece of red draperies with gold fringe.
Cut piece depicting King Solomon's Temple.
Cut piece with Egyptian colonnade and fabric banners.
Cut piece with entrance into commander's tent.
Cyc Interior with Beige fabric