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Two pictures of a group of military officers
Two Portuguese women in traditional dress
Two preteens practice archery during the Tweens on Wheels program at the Wagon Wheel camp
Two ranchers
Two real battle commands : to the soldier: fix bayonets! charge : to the civilian: buy bonds! buy more!
Two ROTC students hold flags on UMD campus
Two secretaries
Two ships docked in a canal in the Saint Clair River
Two Sholom Home volunteers fold pamphlets, St. Paul, Minnesota
Two small planes in a field near Wolf Lake
Two students
Two students at the University of Birmingham during University of Minnesota Duluth's 1981-82 Study-in-England program
Two students eat in front of window in UMD Residence Hall Dining Center
Two students eat in the UMD Residence Hall Dining Center
Two students in Biology Department rowboat with scientific equipment
Two students throwing a ball to each other on a playground at the Dana Hall School
Two students wear headphones in Kirby Student Center
Two Talmud Torah students hug on likely the last day of school, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Two Talmud Torah students stand at the front doors of the Menachem Heilicher Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Two Trains Running