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The Trade and Industries of Our Small Cities
The Trials of Taxation
The True Heritage of 1776 is the Right of Revolution, the Right of the People to Overturn an Oppressive and Unjust Government, bicentennial debate with Russell Kirk and Herbert Apthekar
The Tug of War
The Twelve Months (Czechoslovakia)
The Twin Cities and the American Urban Scene, with John Borchert, Professor of Geography
The Uncommon Snowman
The Uncopy Cat
The Union Flag of the Strips Begins the New Year
The United States and Canada Relationship with speaker Alan Gotlieb
"The United States Constitution in Relations to a World Organization," discussion, Special Bulletin no. 100
The United States - Soviet Standoff with speaker Helmut Schmidt [1/2]
The United State Weather Bureau
The University of Minnesota's Constitutional Independence, Budget, and Educational Opportunities with speaker C. Peter MacGrath
The University Orientation program. Coffman Union Program Council discussed with Nancy Fride. Satire of Murphy's Law
The Useful Use of Words
The Use of Armed Intervention in International Affairs by Harold Deutsch and Dorothy Day
The Vanishing Frontiers
The Very Smallest Angel's Christmas
The Very Smallest Angel's Easter