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Making a cast in iron foundry.
Make your savings grow too! : invest in more : victory bonds
Make your rubber last : watch out for these enemies! : heat .... : sunlight .... : oil and grease ....
Make your rubber last : to disinfect
Make your rubber last : mend it ... : "cold patch method"
Make your rubber last : ... hot water bottles, ice packs, syringes ...
Make your rubber last : garments made of rubber thread ... : raincoats ... : wash overshoes with soap and water ...
Make your dollars end the war : if you can't fight your money can : your liberty your forefathers died for is at sta
Make this the glorious 4th. : furnish the fuse... : buy your bonds here : partial payment plan... : Fourth Liberty L
Make this pledge: : I pay no more than top legal prices I accept no rationed goods without giving up ration stamps