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Make it fit to fight : get your work into the "scrap" -- not the scrap heap
Make His praise glorious : for the Sunday school and church
Make great money, change the world (for the better): PhD options in Management and Economics
Make good the promise : Second War Fund : one hundred million dollars : May 20th - 27th
Make every minute count! : "lost ground can always be regained -- lost time -- never!" : President Roosevelt : keep
Make every minute count for Pershing : United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation
Make Every Day World AIDS Day
M. A. Kees, Secretary, Young Men's Christian Association, Canton, China. Annual Report for the year ending Sept. 30, 1917
Make Christ king : a selection of high class gospel music for use in general worship and special evangelistic meetings
Major Vavoulis gives a speech to celebrate the Israeli Independence Day Fete