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Start of the Big Green Team Y to Y Run in front of the Minneapolis YMCA Downtown Branch, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1979.
Statue of the Jain tirthankar Mahavir
Stone Ganesh
St. Paul YMCA Northwest Family Branch at 3760 Lexington Avenue North, Shoreview, Minnesota, 1971-1980.
St. Paul YMCA South Branch at 1528 S Robert St. in West St. Paul, Minnesota, 1960-1970.
St. Paul YMCA South Family Branch at 150 Thompson Ave E., West St. Paul, Minnesota, circa 1970.
St. Paul YMCA Tri-Town branch group at 460 South Robert Street, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1950-1956.
Thai ceramic Ganesh
Tibetan prayer wheel
Tiffin box