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Mrs. d'Autremont standing beside an open Dutch door with a Christmas wreath hanging off of it
Mrs. d'Autremont walking in the yard of her cottage on London Road
Mrs. Doris Jolowsky's Sabbath candlesticks, Hibbing, Minnesota
Mrs. Drummond
Mrs. Drummond
Mrs. George B. Palmer on World Affairs
Mrs. Hannah Austrian and Julius Austrian, St. Paul, Minnesota
Mrs. Hartman, Actress
Mrs. H.D. Weyerhaueser Country House Entrance, Porch Study
Mrs. Hubbard seating in buggy on the road outside of a house
Mrs. Hudson's Cliffdwellers 1976 1986
Mrs. Hudson's Cliffdwellers 1976 1986
Mrs. Hudson's Cliffdwellers of cliffside N.J.
Mrs. Hudsons' Cliffdwellers of Cliffside Park N.J. Meeting no. 7. June 2, 1979
Mrs. Joseph (Fanny) Garber standing outside her home in St. Paul, Minnesota
Mrs. Leonora Greenberg receiving an award at a United Jewish Fund and Council Event, St. Paul, Minnesota
Mrs. Maurice Banen's Hanuka menorah, Hibbing, Minnesota
Mrs. McCarthy and Daughters
Mrs. McCarthy Speaking With Women
Mrs. Roberts, Miss Hubbard, and Catherine in Lake Minnetonka