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Ed's surface presettlement data, undated (Box 18)
Field notes, 1962 - 1972 (Box 18)
Field notes, 1965-1969 (Box 17)
Field notes, 1965-1971 (Box 17)
Field notes, 1969-1973 (Box 17)
Field notes, 1971-1974 (Box 17)
Field notes, 1974 (Box 17)
Field notes, 1984 (Box 18)
Field notes, 1998 (Box 18)
Field notes, 1999-2007 (Box 18)
Field notes, April 1986 - November 1988 (Box 17)
Field notes, August 1986 - November 1990 (Box 18)
Field notes, December 1983 - March 1986 (Box 18)
Field notes, June 1975 - September 1980 (Box 18)
Field notes, June 1981 - October 1983 (Box 17)
Field notes, March 1968 - September 1970 (Box 17)
Field notes, March 1996 - October 2006 (Box 17)
Field notes, May 1966 - March 1968 (Box 17)
Field notes, November 1963 - May 1966 (Box 17)
Field notes, November 1998 - January 1996 (Box 17)
Field notes, October 1983 - March 1986 (Box 17)
Field notes, October 1986 - October 1988 (Box 18)
Field notes, September 1970 - April 1975 (Box 17)
Field notes, September 1980 - October 1983 (Box 18)
Field notes, September 1990 - February 1999 (Box 17)
Field notes, undated (Box 17)
Field notes, undated (Box 17)
Field notes, undated (Box 17)
Field notes, undated (Box 17)
Field notes, undated (Box 18)
Field notes, undated (Box 18)
Field notes, undated (Box 18)
Field notes, undated (Box 18)
Field notes, undated (Box 18)
Great Lakes pollen diagrams, undated (Box 18)
Paleoecology Laboratory, undated (Box 18)
Radiocarbon, undated (Box 18)
Sylvania C14 dates, undated (Box 18)
Sylvania, undated (Box 18)
UGLI Ugly database, undated (Box 18)
VIc's data, 2000 (Box 18)
Winker data, 1999 (Box 18)
Wisconsin Lakes, 1980s (Box 18)
1904 war map of Japan, Korea and China
A chart of the Northern part of the bay of Bengal
Africa : corrected from observations of Mess. of ye Royal Societies at London and Paris
Africa : drawn from the best authorities for the illustration of Lavoisne's genealogical, historical chronological & geographical atlas, 1813
Africae nova tabula
Africa from the best authorities
Africa : North Eastern sheet
Africa : (southern sheet)
Africa : with all its states, kingdoms, republics, regions, islands, & ca., improved and inlarged from D'Anville's map; to which have been added a particular chart of the Gold Coast wherein are distinguished all the European forts and factories
Africæ : described the manners of their habits, and buildinge newly done into English
Africæ descriptio
Afrique : publiée sous les auspices de Monseigneur le Duc d'Orléans, Prémier Prince du Sang
A new map of China : from the latest authorities
A new map of China, from the latest authorities
A new map of Chinese & Independent Tartary : from the latest authorities
Antärtida Americana : segun las esploraciones de Gerlache (1897), Nordenskjóld (1901), Bruce (1903), etc.
Anti-Chinese activities in rural California (Box 8, Folder 6)
Anti-Chinese agitations 1886-1897 (Box 8, Folder 8)
A sketch map of part of south eastern Africa to illustrate the journeys of Dr. Lacerda (1798), the Pombeiros (1806-11), and Major Monteiro (1831-1832)
Azores, Corvo and Flores
Bain's railway map of South Africa
Cape Colony
Carte de Chine, les 18 provinces
Carte des costes de l'Afrique : depuis Cap de Lopo, jusques ä l'Isle Mazira, levée par ordre expres des roys de Portugal sous qui on en a fait la decouverte
Carte des nouvelles découvertes
Carte du groupe d'Angkor
Carte hydrographique de la Moyenne égypte : ou sont indiqué les travaux exécuter d'prés les orderes de Son Altesse Méhémet-Ali Vice-Roi d'égypte, avec le project de la communication directe des mers au traverse de l'Isthme
Carte hydrographique de la partie septentrionale de la Haute égypte : ou sont indiqué les travaux d'arrosage exécutés et ä exécuter d'prés les orderes de Son Altesse Méhémet-Ali Vice-Roi d'égypte
Carte physique et politique de l'Afrique
Central Africa
Chart of the Antarctic Ocean : between--latitudes 66° S. and 83° S. and--longitudes 150° E. and 150° W showing the land to the south of 74° S.
Chart of the Arctic Ocean : illustrating the route of Peary's North Greenland expedition of 1891-'92 and other arctic expeditions
China and the Birman empire : with parts of Cochin China and Siam
China and the tributary kingdom of Corea [sic] : for the eludication of Lavoisne's genealogical, historical chronological & geographical atlas
Chinatown cubic air ordinance 1877-1887 (Box 8, Folder 3)
Chinese and violence (by and against them) 1877-1895 (Box 8, Folder 2)
Chinese arrivals, departures, expulsions, relocations, deportations (1877-1899) (Box 7, Folder 1)
Chinese workers and railroad building (Box 6, Folder 43)
Eastern New Guinea and adjacent islands, showing district boundaries
East Indies
Economic map of the Philippine Islands
Egypt : Abyssinia
Entire box of loose papers (Box 7)
Fayal Pico and San Jorge, Azores
Fires and explosions in various Chinatowns (Box 8, Folder 4)
Geological map of the Union of South Africa : Geologiese kaart van die Unie van Suid Afrika
Geological sketch map of Western Australia : based on the work of the Geological Survey, 1919
Horta and Pim Bays : Azores, Fayal Channel
Islands in the Indian Ocean