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Box of Slides: 1968 Display. Mario Pavone papers (Box 1, Folder 11)
NJ Orphans' Home, 1969-1971. Mario Pavone papers (Box 1, Folder 8)
Photographs. Mario Pavone papers (Box 1, Folder 10)
Addressed to the serious consideration of the peers : no slaves--no sugar : containing new and irresistible arguments in favour of the African trade
A letter from a merchant at Jamaica to a member of Parliament in London, touching the African trade : to which is added, a speech made by a black of Gardaloupe, at the funeral of a fellow-Negro
An appeal to the candour and justice of the people of England in behalf of the West India merchants and planters, founded on plain facts and incontrovertible arguments
An argument in the case of James Sommersett, a negro : lately determined by the Court of king's bench : wherein it is attempted to demonstrate the present unlawfulness of domestic slavery in England. To which is prefixed a state of the case
A narrative of the revolt and insurrection of the French inhabitants in the island of Grenada
An essay on the impolicy of the African slave trade : in two parts
An inquiry into the effects of putting a stop to the African slave trade, and of granting liberty to the slaves in the British sugar colonies
Arguments from Scripture, for and against the African slave trade, as stated in a series of letters, lately published in the Glasgow courier
A second address to the people of Great Britain : containing a new and most powerful argument to abstain from the use of West India sugar
A sermon on the subject of the slave trade, delivered to a society of Protestant dissenters, at the new meeting, in Birmingham, and published at their request
A short sketch of the evidence delivered before a Committee of the House of Commons for the abolition of the slave trade : to which is added a recommendation of the subject to the serious attention of people in general
A speech delivered at a free conference between the honourable the Council and Assembly of Jamaica, held the 19th of November, 1789, on the subject of Mr. Wilberforce's propositions in the House of Commons, concerning the slave trade
Barbadoes : report of a committee of the General Assembly, upon the several heads of enquiry, &c. relative to the slave trade : received from John Braithwaite, esq. agent for the island
Commerce in the human species, and the enslaving of innocent persons, inimical to the laws of Moses and the gospel of Christ
Considerations on the Negroe cause commonly so called, addressed to the Right Honourable Lord Mansfield, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench, &c.
Dos missionarios do estado do Maranhao,
Extract of a letter from the Committee of Correspondence in Dominica, to the agent, W. Knox, Esq., dated February 15, 1791
Histoire abregee des voyages de Mr. Francois Bernard, et de la captivite ou esclavage chez les sauvages du Canada,
Instructions for the treatment of Negroes, &c. &c. &c
Letter to Mr. Fawkener, transmitting copy of a Portuguese law, ann. 1648, with its translation : and extract of a letter from Mr. Baldwin, inclosing a memorial relative to the slave trade, [dated] 21 September 1789
Memoirs of a French officer who escaped from slavery
Memorial relating to the slave trade in Egypt
[Proclamation reaffirming the freedom from slavery of Africans and their descendants in Saint-Domingue]
Questions to be proposed to such gentlemen as have been resident on the coast of Africa, or in the West-Indies, or have been in the slave trade
Reflexions sur le code noir, et denonciation d'un crime affreux, commis a Saint-Domingue : adressees e l'Assemblee Nationale
Remarks upon the situation of Negroes in Jamaica : impartially made from a local experience of nearly thirteen years in that island
Suggestions on the slave trade : for the consideration of the legislature of Great Britain
The duty of abstaining from the use of West India produce : a speech, delivered at Coach-Maker's-Hall, Jan. 12, 1792
The law of passive obedience
Translation of a law of the year 1684, which regards the proportion of tonnage, and the treatment of negro slaves on board the Portuguese ships
Wetten en regulation betreklyk slaven in de colonie de Kaap de Goede Hoop zedert het jaar 1658 tot ult. 1805 = Laws and regulations respecting slaves at the colony the Cape of Good Hope since the year 1658 till ult. 1805,
Camping. Publications. Booklets, Papers, Etc., 1962-1985 (Box 17, Folder 5)
Camping. Publications. Booklets, Papers, Etc., 1962-1985 (Box 17, Folder 6)
Camping. Publications. Booklets, Papers, Etc., 1962-1985 (Box 17, Folder 7)
Camping. Publications. Camp Manito-Wish, 1978 (Box 17, Folder 8)
Camping. Publications. Friborg, John D. PhD - The Magic Circle: A History of YMCA Camp Belknap 1903-1983, 1985 (Box 17, Folder 12)
Camping. Publications. National YMCA Camping Standards, 1970 (Box 17, Folder 10)
Camping. Publications. Southwest Camp Director, 1989 (Box 17, Folder 9)
Camping. Publications. YMCA Day Camp Standards, 1985 (Box 17, Folder 11)
Camping. YMCA Camp Programs. Centennial Material, 1984-1985 (Box 17, Folder 1)