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Asian Women Int.
Clit Club
Clit Notes (Anita Went)
Everything Except English
Femme Power
First the Forest: Master Copy
Forbidden Fruit Documentary: "Butch and Femme Identities"
Interview with Kitaka Gara
Interview with Wanda Henson, Camp Sister Spirit, Parts 1 and 2
Jessica Mcklintock Boycott Chinese New Year Demo - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Juliana (Solo) - AmerAsian Blues
Molly's Poem
Moving Beyond Cluelessness
Old Lesbians Organizing for Change
Phoenix Uprising - Nasreen and Juliana
Portrait of Ourselves - A Tribute to African American Women, Yesterday and Today - Women's Resistance to Slavery - Womyn of Color Stirfry
Pratibha Parmar (University of Minnesota Film Society, Bell Auditorium) and Jamie Olsen
RAW - Canyon Sam, Juliana Pegues, and Denise Uyehara, Walker Art Center