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Peter Shea, Creator of the Bat of Minerva, on the Show, January 2005
Katrina Vanderberg's Bat and the Circulation of Ideas: Peter Shea, Mar. 2014
Site, Incitement, and the Bat of Minerva: Peter Shea and Danny Robinson Clark, Nov. 2013
Peter Shea Introduces the Austria & Germany Series, Aug. 2014
The Nature of the Bat
Interview with Luyi Lien, Academic Director, Yinghua Academy, with Students.
Interview with Bill Teska, Episcopal Priest.
Douglas Geers, Composer, on the Spark Festival, February 2007
Katharina Hagenhofer, Organic Agriculture Student, Aug. 2014
Waltraud Egger, Grocer, Oct. 2014
Guillaume Boccara, Professor of Anthropology, on Chilean Indigenous People, April 2009
Ingeborg Preininger, Sep. 2014
Sister Helen Prejean and Mary Ann Antrobus, on Nicaragua, May 2011
Ted Farmer, Professor of History, on Humanity, August 2010
Siegfried Kröpfl, Vegan Chef, Sep. 2014
Michael Gaudio, Professor of Art History, on Early Modern Images, April 2008
William Moseley, Professor of Geography, on African Development, October 2011
Joe Gergen, Author, on His Work, July 2014
Irmi Salzer, Farmer, Oct. 2014
Julia Tischler, Research Associate at re:work Center, Oct. 2014