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Junior F. Hayden Botanical Photograph Collection

Junior F. Hayden, a resident of Minneapolis, donated his botanical photography to the University of Minnesota's Department of Botany in 1950. Mr. Hayden's subject was the flora of Minnesota. The photographs consist of approximately 3,000 color Kodachrome slides of botanical specimens taken in the field and in the studio. Along with the slides, Mr. Hayden provided funds and instructions to make the Hayden Collection of Botanical Slides "larger, better, or more available for use." In 2000, Prof. Edward J. Cushing sent approximately 1,000 slides to the Kodak Company to be digitized. Bell Museum Curators, George Weiblen and Anita Cholewa, verified the names of plant species depicted in the digital images using the University of Minnesota herbarium database in 2011. The Hayden Botanical Slide Collection is part of the Department of Botany records available at the University of Minnesota Archives.